2018 Exec Retreat

The 2018 Exec. Staff Retreat is scheduled for February 26th & 27th at Bethel Baptist Church in Norman Oklahoma. Register Here.

Deadline for retreat registration is February 9th

Learn About The Pack Shack

Last year we helped feed the hungry in our communities with an awesome organization, Pack Shack

The Pack Shack helps churches and non-profits around the state with the organization and supply of inexpensive, delicious, and easy-to-make meals for Oklahoma families.

During Super Summer 2017, Students and Super Summer workers got to pack more than 62,000 meals for neighbors in all of our  Oklahoma communities.

Learn how to get involved

Exec. Staff

We have rolled your downloadable resources into the new Super Summer site. All of this is in preparation to deliver as much as we can to you through the web so that you can have it at your fingertips. You will login the same way. Just login on the left with the information that you have already been provided.

Super Summer exists to inspire and equip students as Kingdom-minded leaders. Super Summer focuses on 5 core values of spiritual growth, Spiritual Disciplines, Leadership, Evangelism, Discipleship, and Service/Ministry. In order to provide a highly effective camp and a quality environment, anyone who would like to serve on the executive staff is required to attend the retreat. Executive Staff may serve in one of four roles to lead their school during the week of camp.

The four roles are: Dean, Assistant Dean, Team Leader Coordinator, and School Coordinator. Executive Staff retreat exists to train, inspire, and prepare for Super Summer. During the retreat leaders will worship together, hear a challenging message from keynote camp speaker, attend training session for staff development, meet in teams to coordinate their week of Super Summer and build community prior to working together at camp.

Executive Staff expectations:

Emotionally and spiritually mature, have an unquestionable Christian dedication and character.

Have a positive, happy, motivated personality, with an ability to relate well to others.

Able to lead a school with integrity and humility.

Required to attend Exec Staff Retreat and Team Leader weekend.

Willing to follow all Super Summer rules and expectations with a teachable heart.

Exec staff roles:

Dean: Leads school, sets direction for theme based on curriculum, sets the spiritual tone for exec staff, sets teaching schedule, teaches and leads through a servants heart modeling Philippians 2:1-11

Assistant Dean: Co-leader with dean. Aids in setting direction, prayerfully encourages exec staff, supports dean, aids in teaching and models a servant leader and intercedes for exec staff.

Team Leader Coordinator: Pastor to Team Leaders. Leads team leaders and models family group expectations. Personally prays for team leaders and walks through issues as they arise.

School Coordinator: Helps support dean and assistant dean. Fills the gaps and brings unity to team. Lightens the load for any exec staff to make their school the best it can be. If faithful to intercede while exec staff is teaching.