Super Summer update: Teacher Strike Impact 

Super Summer leadership continues to pray for Oklahoma teachers and stand in support of education in our state and especially public education. 

Many of you may be concerned for how the teacher strike will effect Super Summer Oklahoma. 

Because of our contractual agreements with Oklahoma Baptist University, worship band, and keynote speakers, Super Summer does not have the flexibility to make changes to our calendared camp weeks. 

Super Summer will continue weeks 1-3 as scheduled for 2018.

Because of the unique schedule and plan each school system has in response to the teacher strike, Super Summer asks each church to work closely with your unique school system and/or school administrators.  

Before contacting Super Summer, please contact your school administrators concerning the potential scheduling conflict and work to seek a resolve.

Once each church has worked closely with the school system, Super Summer will work with each church to aid in facilitating any possible changes needing to take place with each of your students. 

Please contact Ronda for additional questions or assistance.

Camp Registration

The Church Registration Packet for Super Summer 2018 is available HERE.

Registration opens for Oklahoma Churches on March 30th and out of state Churches begins April 6th.

To avoid late fees, church registration should be postmarked or received by May 4th.  

Church registrations received or postmarked after May 4th must pay a late fee of $25 per student.  

All church registration must be received on or no later than May 25th

Registration Packets 

Exec Staff Registration

TL Registration 

Student Registration

**If you have questions regarding registration please contact Ronda.**